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January, 2014

Check this out…


Added to the sunsets page.

Drying the Place In


It’s hard work holding a new window in. Ha, easiest part of my week right here. Meet Wings the Golden Retriever .  He is quite at home in the cold and snow. Wings helping out with cleaning up framing leftovers.

Ah, winter.


It was blue skies an hour before this. I am enjoying this.  

More Building


  New propane tank to be dropped underground next week. Current state of affairs inside the building. Septic tank in place.


Hmm, Ardan the framer says we need a chainsaw.  He needs to chop off the old log siding to match the new corner of the building.  Top Notch Log-Works is next door.  I walk over there and meet Fernie who says sure He can hook us up. Ten minutes later […]