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April, 2014

What to do what to do?


Now we just have to make all this work.  No problem.  Just give me a minute… or two…



The one thing my dad knows how to do is just about everything.  Laying block just happens to be one of those things.  Alcohol spill containment areas are being blocked up in this case.

Water Works


Jeff McNamara the water engineer nee deep in thought, and piping.



Wings has either got so much energy he can’t even stand it, or he is so out he could pass for dead.  No in between.

Oregon on my mind…


a     At Wandering Angus Hard Cider factory in Salem, OR.  I needed a copilot for this one.  My dad Eric Vogelman after we strapped on the ferment tank.  I think I’m done with the long cross country drives for now.



It may be slightly used.  But it’ll do the trick.  Now I just need a dent puller.

Water Tower


Matt on cleanup duty.  Water tank going up.  Forklift comes in handy for things like this.

No excavator? No problem.


Nothing an air nozzle on a stick and a shop vac can’t take care of.  Worked like a charm to bore holes for the entrance sonotubes.  No way I was doing all that digging by hand!

Whatever works…


Sometimes a sander needs some love from some some MAP gas. Apparently it’s still cold outside and condensate does freeze after all.  Polishing stainless.