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June, 2014

The Fun Stuff


Bret welding fittings inside the kettle.  Don’t shut the lid 😉 Now this is progress.

Hard place to live…


Sheep being herded up the mountain needed some persuasion by the ranchers to get them were they’re going.  That cowboy got his exercise that day.

Welding! Now we’re talking!


Bret Hasbrouck, and old friend from hear in the valley, happens to have gotten into high quality sanitary stainless welding, and not a moment too soon.  He’s done all the welding on the project, including the scratch built distillation column.My dad Eric after setting the column. Good work Bret.  Outdid […]

Landscaping… Because we have too.


Bentonite layed out by Armondo and Shawn. When in a stone yard, lay stone! Bontonite down for the pond.  To be used for cooling the processes and to make the fire department happy. Trees, gravel and equipment.