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A note from Flying Eagle Disc Society

14 August 2015

A note from our friend Steve from Flying Eagle Disc Society.

Today we give a shout to our new best friends and major FEO sponsors Stoneyard Distillery. 

In addition to delicious, hand crafted rum (a rarity in the state of Colorado), Max and Scott are making a little bit of magic down in Dotsero, a place that desperately needed a group of rabble rousing pioneers to bring a healthy dose of culture and irreverence. 

Located smack in the middle of Eagle and Glenwood Springs, their newly opened and fully functional tasting room awaits all comers who wish to sample the rum as well as get a taste of their desire to be an entertainment destination for locals and travelers alike. 

Keep an eye out for their brand of Colorado rum in a bar or liquor store near you!


Thanks for the nice words Steve!