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Mini bottling party.


Max Fabricating our Filter Cart


Max is back at it again fabricating our Filter Cart. Our welder Bret comes tomorrow to finish welding everything up.

A note from Flying Eagle Disc Society


A note from our friend Steve from Flying Eagle Disc Society. Today we give a shout to our new best friends and major FEO sponsors […]

The tasting room


Stoneyard Distillery President Jim Benson with new tasting room bar backdrop and a bottle of rum from recent Batch 014.

Running Rum


Max out on the road with Chief rolling barrels through Minturn. Chief says: The Minturn Mile… Max says: That would be a good name for […]

Turning CO. Beet Sugar into Rum, 24-7


Distilling is a 24hr a day gig. It’s a craft. It’s artisanal. Max was up all night distilling a batch until 4:30am. Here he loads […]

Full steam ahead


One of these bottles has your name on it. Come visit us at the distillery, Wednesday-Friday, 4-8 pm, and get yours.

Aerial tour of Stoneyard

A quick fly-by of the Stoneyard in Jim’s hand-built RV8 by Vans Aircraft.      

The mountains are smoking…


This place is amazing… Just don’t tell anyone.