What are Sugar Spirits?


What is a ‘Sugar Spirit’? All alcohol is derived from some kind of agricultural product: Whiskey comes from grains. Vodka from potatoes or rice. Rum from molasses or sugar cane. Stoneyard Spirits come from pure Colorado beet sugar. Although it is somewhat similar to a rum, beet sugar spirits have […]

Mini bottling party.


Max Fabricating our Filter Cart


Max is back at it again fabricating our Filter Cart. Our welder Bret comes tomorrow to finish welding everything up.

A note from Flying Eagle Disc Society


A note from our friend Steve from Flying Eagle Disc Society. Today we give a shout to our new best friends and major FEO sponsors Stoneyard Distillery.  In addition to delicious, hand crafted rum (a rarity in the state of Colorado), Max and Scott are making a little bit of […]

The tasting room


Stoneyard Distillery President Jim Benson with new tasting room bar backdrop and a bottle of rum from recent Batch 014.

Running Rum


Max out on the road with Chief rolling barrels through Minturn. Chief says: The Minturn Mile… Max says: That would be a good name for a Rum Drink. There Ya have it. A new drink for the Tasting Room Menu. Hmmm, what would happen if we had some sort of […]

Turning CO. Beet Sugar into Rum, 24-7


Distilling is a 24hr a day gig. It’s a craft. It’s artisanal. Max was up all night distilling a batch until 4:30am. Here he loads some barrels for an upcoming event. We’re getting things ready for our official tasting room opening! Stay tuned!

Full steam ahead


One of these bottles has your name on it. Come visit us at the distillery, Wednesday-Friday, 4-8 pm, and get yours.

Aerial tour of Stoneyard

A quick fly-by of the Stoneyard in Jim’s hand-built RV8 by Vans Aircraft.