If you can’t buy it, make it!

That’s a $35 sheet of plastic there!  Cutting out a Teflon gasket for the distillation column.  I got to make one for each end.  Teflon has to be one of the strangest materials made by man, which explains the cost…

First ferment!

  First load of sugar into the kettle to be mixed into hot water in preparation for fermentation. First time using the ozone cleaning system.  Ozone is not so good for the lungs, but it sure does the job.  No chemicals to mess with, we generate the ozone on site […]


Jim enjoying a job well done.  The semi-truck showed up after dark when it was pouring rain.  The truck driver was in a hurry to get going to his next destination too.  First time unloading sugar…  Colorado beet sugar from Fort Morgan, CO to be exact.

No, we did not call 911.

Fire Department testing the dry-hydrant.  They made us put the pond in for fire suppression so now we get to see if it works.  Also I needed to empty the pond to fill it with soft water to keep our cooling systems in check.  “Free” pond emptying service 🙂 Now […]

Built to last!

  Jim proving that we built things right.  Don’t fall, we’re not done yet!  That’s the alcohol vapor line he’s standing on.  I don’t think it’s going to fail on us anytime soon.

Let’s try something else.

Well, the bentonite didn’t work.  The pond leaked like a sieve with the moon dust we have in Dotsero.  So let’s start over.  Proper liner being installed on the cooling pond.

Doing what we do in colorful Colorado.

Having a nice evening flight in the RV-7a over Vail, CO with my dad.  Star Wars views!


Jeff McNamera our water engineer helping me test the clean in place pump.  Using what we have on hand.  Whatever works!

More welding

Thanks Bret!  You did an outstanding job on everything you’ve done for us.  Jim giving a helping had that day.