What are Sugar Spirits?

What is a ‘Sugar Spirit’?

All alcohol is derived from some kind of agricultural product:

Whiskey comes from grains.
Vodka from potatoes or rice.
Rum from molasses or sugar cane.
Stoneyard Spirits come from pure Colorado beet sugar.

Although it is somewhat similar to a rum, beet sugar spirits have a clean, pure taste and don’t have the sticky, thicker taste and feel of cane sugar spirits. The flavor palette of each spirit is exceptionally unique.

What Makes it Different?

Unlike sugar cane, beet sugar does not require the bone char filtration step, which means that vegans and those who seek to minimize animal suffering can rest at ease knowing Stoneyard Sugar Spirits are vegan and animal friendly. In addition, we are gluten-free and our beet sugar supplier, Great Western Sugar Co. in Denver, guarantees all products qualify as Kosher. You can’t beet that!

I Like a Stiff Drink, Can I Use Stoneyard Spirits Like I use Other Alcohols?

Yep, ranging between 35-42% ABV, you can enjoy a Stoneyard Distillery cocktail with a little umbrella or on the rocks.

Either way, be sure to Raise a Glass! As the Hammer Drops! (Get Hammered! Responsibly.)